The Poetry Project

Original Musical Composition by Aubre Schoenleber to Accompany Poetry Project

[ The musical composition was Aubre’s Christmas gift to me in 2010. You can listen while you read. I hope it helps your own meditation on the Scripture. Click on the sound file just above the search box on the right.]

In December of 2009 or thereabouts, my son, Marty Schoenleber III (aka Marty S. Dalton), put a video up on It inspired me to keep working on a project I thought of a couple of years ago. The idea is to write a poem of personal reflection for each Psalm in the Psalter. Here are some of the offerings so far. Some of the poems are preceded by a brief commentary.

Don’t think of any as high art. Think of these offerings as one poor man’s desire to draw nearer to Christ. New entries will generally appear on Sunday afternoons.

One more thing: It is always best to read the psalm or the verses being commented on first.

Poems for Psalms

Psalm 1      Wisdom Flees from Neglect
Psalm 2      Why Do the Heathen Rage?
Psalm 3      A Morning Prayer of Confession
Psalm 4      Friday
Psalm 5      A Declaration of Dependence
Psalm 6      Extremity.
Psalm 7      Willing to be Forgotten
Psalm 8      Less Even Than My Enemies Thought I Was 
Psalm 9      Seeking Mercy in the Nightwatches of Life
      __         Make Your Grace My Clothing
Psalm 10    A Cry for Syria’s Children
.                   Vexation: When The Heart Struggles with Justice

Psalm 11    The Mockers are Loud
Psalm 12    Clinging to a Rock
Psalm 13    When God Doesn’t Listen
Psalm 14    Blunt Truth
Psalm 15
Psalm 16     To Mourn Well: Why We Lament When We Are Not Lame
                     Your Majestic Neighbors

Psalm 17
Psalm 18
Psalm 19    Prove Your Word
Psalm 20

Psalm 21    That They Might Bow     
Psalm 22    My Tears are Too Many
Psalm 23

Psalm 24    A Psalm of David Reheard
                    A Prayer Shouting Joy
Psalm 25    Turn, O God
Psalm 26
Psalm 27   Run in the Night  (Jars of Clay)
Psalm 28
Psalm 29
Psalm 30

Psalm 31
Psalm 32
Psalm 33
Psalm 34
Psalm 35
Psalm 36
Psalm 37        “I Call These Noises Silence”   
Psalm 38

Psalm 39        Tomorrow
.                        Surely Every Man is a Mere Breath   
Psalm 40

Psalm 41
Psalm 42        Strange Food for the Wounded Heart
…………. ………When Wounded Hearts Heal
Psalm 42-43  Darkness Created Light
Psalm 44        Why Do You Hide Your Face?
Psalm 45        The Sons of Korah Know     (NEW)
Psalm 46        There are Things that are Certain    
Psalm 47
Psalm 48
Psalm 49
Psalm 50      
  Insects, Mice and Moles

Psalm 51        The Soul’s Need for a Savior
.                       God Be Merciful to Me  (Jars of Clay)
Psalm 52
Psalm 53
Psalm 54
Psalm 55        
The “Running to God” Heart   ( I Will Trust You )
Psalm 56        How is It Possible to Write Without Pain?
Psalm 57
Psalm 58
Psalm 59
Psalm 60

Psalm 61
Psalm 62     An Idol Worshiper’s Prayer
Psalm 63     Thirsty   
                  ….The Movements of Worship       
Psalm 64
Psalm 65     When Joy Wants to Explode
Psalm 66
Psalm 67
Psalm 68
Psalm 69    My Song for a Fearful Monday   
Psalm 70

Psalm 71
Psalm 72
Psalm 73
Psalm 74
Psalm 75
Psalm 76
Psalm 77

Psalm 78
Psalm 79
Psalm 80

Psalm 81    Our Souls Leak    
Psalm 82

Psalm 83
psalm 84
Psalm 85
Psalm 86
Psalm 87
Psalm 88
Psalm 89
Psalm 90     Taking Psalm 90 Personally

Psalm 91
Psalm 92
Psalm 93     The King and a Blade of Dry Grass   
Psalm 94
Psalm 95
Psalm 96

Psalm 97
Psalm 98
Psalm 99
Psalm 100

Psalm 101
Psalm 102   Why Don’t You Make It Easy?
Psalm 103
  The Extravagance of Grace
.                      You Wouldn’t Fit There Now
                       Worship Fire
………. ……….My Green and Grassy Days        
Psalm 104
Psalm 105    There is Such a Thing as Glory, (The 21st Day)
Psalm 106
Psalm 107    Teaching a Soul to Sing (When My Heart is Broken)
Psalm 108
Psalm 109
Psalm 110

Psalm 111
Psalm 112
Psalm 113
Psalm 114   To Tremble at Holy Things
Psalm 115
Psalm 116   The Importance of Pain in Worship       (NEW)
Psalm 117
Psalm 118
Psalm 119   Afflict Me Oh God
       ”            Eight Things to Pray for a New Believer
Psalm 120

Psalm 121   Yishmar
Psalm 122
Psalm 123
Psalm 124
Psalm 125
Psalm 126   [Song by New Again, Psalm 126]
Psalm 127   Delighting in Undeserved Gifts 

Psalm 128
Psalm 129
Psalm 130   There is a Waiting 

Psalm 131
Psalm 132
Psalm 133
Psalm 134    We Became a Choir Waking Angels to Worship  
Psalm 135
Psalm 136
Psalm 137    You Will Not Forget Us   
Psalm 138
Psalm 139
Psalm 140

Psalm 141
Psalm 142
Psalm 143
Psalm 144
Psalm 145
Psalm 146
Psalm 147
Psalm 148    Starlings Painting Whales     New
Psalm 149
Psalm 150

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