What Would It Mean to Hear You?

Part of the Poetry Project


Read Psalm 20 first

What Would it Mean to Hear You?

What would it mean to hear you answer
in the day of trouble?
To hear a word, a response from You
after all our cries for protection,
after all our sacrifices and offerings,
after all our waiting and longing,
after all our sorrow and regret,
after all our frustrated plans and
after all our aborted hopes?
What would it sound like to hear You answer
in the day of our trouble?
It would sound like the shout of triumph
when all hope seemed lost.
It would sound like a banner raising party
in celebration of every hope fulfilled.
It would sound like a “cancer free” test result
when doctors had given up hope.
It would sound like a superbowl parade
in a city that never had one.
Lord, some boast in their power,
some boast in their technology and sophistication,
some boast in their accomplishments,
and some boast in their education,
and some boast in their wisdom,
and some boast in their supposed superiority.
But Lord, we will not boast in things that you laugh at.
We will boast not in ourselves or our connections.
We will boast only in You.
We will trust in the name of the LORD our God.
You are our King.
You are our Savior.
You are the One we know we can trust.
You are the One, the only One who demonstrated Your love
by dying and rising for us.
You alone have the words of eternal life.
So why would we boast in anything else?
No LORD, we will boast in You,
and we will trust You to answer when we call
We have no where else to go
and no where else we want to go.”

cf. Psalm 20:1-9; John 6:66-69

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