The King and a Blade of Dry Grass (a meditation)

Wednesday is for Prayer

Backyard 3Sleep is over-rated. One hour, and then toss, switch sides, too hot, toilet, a thousand thoughts, turn them into prayers, what was that sound?, more thoughts, more prayers, give up, rise up, light on, rearrange bed, locate Bible, listen to the voice of God.

Last night, reading, praying, meditating on Psalm 93. This.

Part of “The Poetry Project, an offering for Psalm 93

Read Psalm 93

The King and a Blade of Dry Grass

Robed and covered,
.      surrounded with majesty,
the Lord is enthroned with glory and power.
What He establishes is unmovable,
And you?
You puny little man,
who are you?
You are a breath, a blade of dry grass,
and yet,
.      a little lower than an angel
.      the bearer of a King’s image,
…..      a King whose might is greater than the waves that would crush you
…..      or the floods that would drown you.
.      you puny little man,
    .  you are not mighty.
But He to whom you belong,
He is mighty, and every word He decrees is trust-tested.
Remember that, and live,
for holiness saturates His dwelling place.

Psalm 93. The Sons of Korah

Go to Psalm 94.

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