Delighting in Undeserved Gifts

The Poetry Project Continues

Poems for Psalms
(Part of the “Poetry Project”)

Suggested by Psalm 127

In December of 2009 or thereabouts, my son, Marty Schoenleber III (aka Marty S. Dalton), put a video up on It inspired me to keep working on a project I thought of a couple of years ago. The idea is to write a poem of personal reflection for each Psalm in the Psalter.  Some of the poems are preceded by a brief commentary.

Please don’t think of any of these offerings as high art. I’m not that talented. Think of them as the musings of one desperate and poor man’s desire to draw nearer to Christ.

One more thing: It is always best to read the psalm or the verses being commented on first.

Read Psalm 127

Psalm 127:1–5
Reworking and thinking Solomon’s Psalm.

Delighting in Undeserved Gifts

We received what You delighted to give
.     and the delights have continued to live.
It was You who built our house
.     and our labor with You has not been in vain.
We have watched You guard this house
.     and all subtractions have been gain.

The vanity of doing life without You
.     is an ill-fruited and painful labor
But You give rest and peace to the heart that is fixed on You.

These children, . . . these children are such gifts 
.      The fruit of my bride’s womb is beyond imagining.
And now the arrows are released from a broken warriors hand;
.      my youth is spent; the horizon shortens.
But I am a blessed man whose quiver, though empty now;
.      is not ashamed by thoughts of them
.      and the battles they will fight and win.

.      When the enemies of You stand at the gate and rage.

Oh Lord, our LORD, this is our hope and prayer,
for these arrows flight.

Go to Psalm 128

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