One Thing – What is it?

Part of the Poetry Project

(poetic reflections on the poetry of God) 

Read Psalm 27

Murfreesboro Girls Spread Hope During COVID-19 Crisis

On my sister’s birthday (4/4), The Gospel Coalition invited the world to spend a day in prayer and fasting for the pandemic called Covid19 virus but also for the advance of the gospel that meets the deepest needs of all men and women breathing our now dangerous air. The day started out with an invitation to spend the morning praying with Psalm 27 as a guide.

Listening to Shane and Shane Psalms II album (give it a listen) as a backdrop, it has been a rich time of worship on this the last Saturday before the beginning of the Passion of Christ that begins tomorrow with Palm Sunday celebrations that will be different for the whole world this year. I covet the time I have had for all of you. And I am thanking God that I have the freedom to spend a day thinking of nothing but Him who gave His life for us and who rose for us and is coming back for us, and will never leave us. It is true. We are most satisfied when we are most infatuated with Him. May you get lost this Easter season not in Covid19 fears and anxieties but in the immensity of His love for us, for you. May you get a glimpse of His beauty and may He satisfy you. Nothing else will.

One Thing

Boil it down.
Sift it with your finest mesh.
Distill it and analyze it to its most essential parts.
What does he want?
What is his one request? David’s most desperate desire?
Surrounded by evildoers, adversaries, and enemies,
What words will escape his heart and climb over his lips?
What words will fly through the air to the third heaven?
What will empty his heart but fill his soul?
Knowing his God, his light, his salvation,
a knowing that banishes fear and dread, 
a knowing that lifts his head and pulls his shoulders back,
and makes him strut like John Wayne in The Quiet Man;
confident, determined, powerful, filled with purpose.
The essence?
The one thing he wants?
I want to know.
I have to know.
Three phrases.
.       that he might dwell in God’s house all the days of his life,
     that he might behold the beauty of the LORD,
     that he might meditate on his beauty in God’s house.
O LORD God Almighty, give me that!
Is it one or three?
Is it a place, a thing, a process?
Is the place as important as the process?
I don’t know.
I don’t care.
I just want the one thing.
I want to see your beauty.
I will wait if I must.
But it is that, that I seek.
I want You.
Nothing else will do.

Go to Psalm 28

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