“Yishmar” (He Will Keep)

Saturday Musings

Another offering for the poetry project.

Read Psalm 121:1-8

“He will keep,” how good it is to know that He will keep us, He will not discard us, He will keep us and take us to be with Him. He is our hope. “Yishmar” (Heb. “He will keep”)

Hills of Judea
Hills of Judea


Yishmar. He will keep.
Israel was helped by geography

as she ascended in song to Zion.
Three times a year her sons looked up
and led families in praise of the One.
Israel was helped by geography 
to lift her eyes to the hills.
But there was always one hill
from where her help would come
one Rock upon which her redemption would ultimately arise.
He who made the heavens above the hills
and the hills underneath the stars
He who never sleeps
and whose faithfulness cannot be shaken,
That One
kept Israel and keeps the Israel of God.
He kept Israel 
and will keep our feet from slipping
for His faithfulness keeps—
it treasures the promises of His mouth
and the people of His pastures.
Yishmar; yishmar.
He will keep; He will keep.
He will watch over your life.
Let this be your hope from the hills;
Let this be your hope when you lift your eyes.

Let this be your hope from this time forth and forever.
“Yishmar.” He will keep.

Go to Psalm 122.

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