A Cry for Syria and Iraq’s Children from Psalm 10

Today is for Prayer

Update : Unfortunately this post could be updated and reposted every day with the events going on around the world. Aggression in the Ukraine, in the Nuba Mountains by the Sudanese, in Nigeria, continuing in Afghanistan, growing unrest building in Pakistan, the recent gas attacks by Assad on his own people, and our own country’s continuing genocidal war against the unborn—all of these make Psalm 10 and meditation on Psalm 10 all the more relevant. “How Long O Lord?”

Psalm 10 thoughts:
a time of trouble, enemies have the upper hand, feeling forgotten by God, like God is hiding his face, sorrows multiplying with each passing day, the heart cries out to God who seems distant, feeling like he is on the verge of death with the weight of his grief, enemies gloating over him, but  . . . verses 5-6 rise in faith and triumph.

Syria’s Cry for Her Children

Syrian WomenHow long O LORD? Are we not Yours?
.      will You forget us as our enemies exalt?
How long will our vision be haunted
.      by the slaughter of our children?
How long will our enemies plunder
.      and triumph over us?

Hear our cries; count our tears
.      for our children who are no more.
Enlighten our eyes,
.      or we will sleep the sleep of death,
And Your enemies will say
.      “we have overcome them and they are not.”
Syrian childrenFor they delight in our fear
.      and terror guides their steps.
Make them scatter in fear of You
.      that they, even they, might come to serve You.

For we trust in You;
We trust in Your lovingkindness;
We trust in Your salvation;
Therefore, we will sing as we remember Your blessings
As we wait in this desert for You. 

Go to Psalm 11.

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