Know Your God (Psalm 84)

Young green sprout grows through cracked tarmac. Symbol of rebirth.

The word of God is inspired. There are a lot of ways to discuss what that means exactly, but let me offer one suggestion. When we say that God’s word is inspired we mean that it says what God wants it to say. Another way to say this is that God used the human authors (their personalities, skills and experience) to record what He wanted them to record. All of this means that the names that God calls himself, the metaphors that writers use and the terms with which they refer to God are all windows to how God want us to think about Him. So what does Psalm 84 tell us about God through those names, metaphors and terms?

  • The LORD of hosts  (vs 1, 3, 12) –Our God is the commander of a heavenly army. He is not a God to be trifled with. 
  • The LORD (vs 2) –Our God is the God who revealed Himself to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, to Moses, Samuel and David, to Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. He is a God, the only God, the creator of all that is seen and unseen. He is the God who enters history and is sovereign over it all.
  • The Living God (vs 2) –Our God lives. He is timeless. He has always been and always will be. There is no time in our day when the living God is not aware of us, a thought both terrifying and comforting.
  • My King (vs 3) –Our God is a King. He is our King. No human leader stands over Him. He stands above all and demands allegiance of His subjects.
  • My God (vs 3, 10) –Our God is personal. He is a God who wants relationship.
  • God (vs 7, 9) –Always in the plural, suggesting that there is a plurality of some kind in the one and only God. Hints of the triune nature of our God.
  • The LORD God of hosts (vs 8) –Our God is pleased to compound His names to emphasize that He is only God that we need to concern ourselves with. 
  • The God of Jacob (vs 8) –Our God singled out a people for Himself through whom He would reveal His plan to redeem the earth and send a Savior.
  • Our Shield (vs 9) –Our God is a shield of protection for the people He calls His own.  
  • The LORD God is a sun and shield (vs 11) –Our God is a light in the darkness, warmth in the cold, and the shield of defense for the beleaguered.

Slow your reading down. Meditate on these thoughts as you read the text. Bring them into your understanding as you read, as you study, as you meditate on the word of the Living God (vs. 2). Let the Spirit of God pour into your soul the truth you need to follow Him.

Read Psalm 84.

Make us an Ever Singing-People

Lord, I’ve been in those times.
I’ve experienced those wondrous moments;
When the people of God 
lift their voices as one.
When singing the truths of the gospel 
creates wings for the prayers of your people,
and creates such wonder in the spirit.
I’ve been in those assemblies
when the united joy
and the unleashed volume of your people 
became a choir waking angels for worship.
I’ve heard sound sheathed with theology
and seen it pierce the shielded heart of sin,
and I long for it again.
So show us that your dwelling place is lovely.
Show us that you are mighty.
Show us again the Living God.
Show us that you have heard our prayers,
and that you are a shield to those who trust you.
For we would rather be with you for a moment
than live without you for eternity.
Make us LORD, an ever-singing people.

Go to Psalm 85

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