“Friday Night” Party Night

Friday is for Heart Songs

Read Psalm 4 (ESV)

7 You have put more joy in my heart
            than they have when their grain and wine abound.

alcohol“Friday Night” Party Night

They were having a party
They were lubed
They were sloshed
They were inebriated
They were laughing and cavorting
They were three sheets to the wind
They were all wet

They were beyond what they could hold
They were afflicted
They were behind the cork
They were bashed and blanked
They were in the suds
They’d had a pint too many
They were all oiled up

And they thought I was lame as I took their keys
They thought I was deprived of happiness and ease
As I drove them home and crutched them to the door
They won’t remember, but I, . . .

I will love them and remember the cross
And the joy of a heart intoxicated and enthralled with You
and pray that Your light will guide them to You too.

Go to Psalm 5.

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