When an Unknown Anxiety Steals Sleep

Friday is for Heart Songs

Psalm 50(11)12:21 AM.

I had been tossing and turning, and thinking, and definitely NOT sleeping for about 40 minutes. I gave up and got up.

Grabbing my Bible, my feet wandered to the living room, and my hand turned on the light while my eyes got busy and began to read the next psalm from where I found my bookmark—Psalm 50.

Heart racing. I don’t know why.

Anxiety of some kind, but over what? My message? Steph’s travel? Maureen? Aubre? Marty III? Meredith? Anna? Dan? Post-modernism? Doctoral work? “Tell me, Lord.”

A prayer, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”

Verse 11.

“I know every bird of the mountains,
 And everything that moves in the field is mine.”

NET Bible–I keep track of every bird in the hills / And the insects of the field are mine
OJ Bible–every bird / and the animals of the world are mine
CEV–every wild creature is in my care
CPDV–the beauty of the field is with me
Message–the scampering field mice are all my friends

The word translated “everything that moves” is a word that is most often applied to beasts of the field but is sometimes used to refer to insects, small things that can destroy crops in the field.

So what exactly is everything?

Read Psalm 50

Insects, Mice and Moles
Another Offering for the Poetry Project

Insects, mice, and moles, grubs, worms, and grasshoppers, cicadas and voles, cattle, foxes, sheep, and badgers,
elephants, and zebras, minks and wolves, lions and bears, tigers and leopards and I must not forget the lynxes,
moths and fireflies move in the field and these too are Yours.
But that’s not the end of Your holdings and treasures;
butterflies and locusts, snakes and turtles, lizards and lice, ticks and beetles,
thousands and thousands, over 350,000 different types of beetles,
all these move in the field and You know them all.
There are centipedes and caterpillars, aphids and spiders, deers and antelopes,
porcupines and snapdragons, and dragonflies, and black flies and mosquitos,
oh I wish there weren’t mosquitoes and bats and snails. I’m not too fond of snails.
Everything that flies and hops, and crawls and slithers and slimes and runs and wiggles, all these are Yours.
Even the grass and the trees, the shrubs and flowers that wave in the wind and even the wind, all these are Yours,
and the people too, that move in the field, they too are Yours.
And up in the mountains where the eagles’ nest, and the ravens and wrens, and robins and blackbirds,
the little sparrows and the California Condor, the grackles and parakeets, and geese and hawks, along with the falcons,
all of these You track through the sky and into their nests.
All this You know;
All this is Yours.
And whether I walk in the field or climb the highest peak
You know me, own me.
What do I have to be anxious about
When Your love endures forever?

1:10 AM  Good night Lord, and thank you for making me Yours and knowing my ways as I walk through the field.

Go to Psalm 51 “Repulsed by a Look Within”

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