Intensely Local Stories

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Stories about Intensely Local Ministry

Our churches need to relearn how to take the gospel to our neighbors rather than wait for them to come to us. This page is filled with links to give examples and stories of how some in the body of Christ are finding success in this journey to take the gospel to the world. Ideas and stories to inspire nearly anyone to be more effective in taking the gospel to their neighbors.  Newest links are added at the top.

  1. Breaking the Ice with Your Neighbors (NEW)
  2. Find a Neighbor and Love Them    (NEW)
  3. What if We Treated Our Neighbors Like Family? (A way to transform your neighborhood relationships.) 
  4. Oklahoma Woman Turns a Robbery Attempt into an Opportunity to Demonstrate the Love of Christ  (There are opportunities to do this kind of thing all around us. Pray that God would give you eyes to see them and a heart to respond.) 
  5. Free Guide to Being Missional with a free ebook included.
  6. “Then You Came”  [Not my story but a great challenge to be the “then you came” person to the people in our lives who need us to be there in the heartaches and hard times so that life can be endured for the glory of Christ.]
  7. Using “Wait Time” for the Gospel Good of Your Neighbors
  8. How to Fall in Love with Pagans
  9. Learning to Care for Pagans
  10. Bob (not his real name) is a Greeter at Walmart. 
  11. Starting Parties for the Joy of Our Neighbors and the Glory of God.
  12. Bible ReadingWhen are We Most Like the Apostle Paul? (winter video) 
  13. Unprepared  (winter)
  14. Finding the Man of Peace in the Neighborhood 
  15. Weekend Thoughts on Intensely Local Ministry
  16. Snoring, Bus-mates and a Grandmother
  17. Pressing the Flesh in the Neighborhood 
  18. What do you say when your neighbor says he is probably going to hell?
  19. Boys Night Out with Six Residents of Vernon Hills
  20. Intensely Local Ministry is as Simple as a Garden Trowel
  21. 18 Years of Ineffective Ministry 
  22. Living Missionally in a Multi-Ethnic Hood.
  23. Now That’s My Kind of Church! (video)
  24. Listening on a Train (Terry Ivy)
  25. Not a Christian (as far as I know) but a great model of how to turn a bad situation into a positive opportunity for relationship (NPR audio or read) 
  26. Making Disciples with Asparagus
  27. A Windstorm, A Hatchet, and a Neighbor
  28. A Day in a Police Cruiser 
  29. What Does It Mean to Raise the Bar on What it Means to be a Disciple? (See comments too) 
  30. Incarnation: The Most Radical Intensely Local Ministry Ever 
  31. Intensely Local Ministry is as Simple as a Garden Trowel (New)
  32. Making Jesus the Issue Behind Every Door in Your Neighborhood
  33. Can Five Questions Change Your Next Conversation with Your Neighbor? 
  34. “Church Isn’t Only on Sunday” (Great article from an EFCA pastor on making your small group truly missional.)
  35. Christians, Come Out of Hibernation, Your Neighbors Need You   
  36. “What to do when you are down, overwhelmed, and kinda undone” [a story of what a divorced, single mother of two toddlers did to serve her community —from Ann Voskamp’s blog]  
  37. (A Waffle-House Encounter  (one pastor’s true story)    [ Warning: Offensive Language ]
  38. The Creativity of a Lover
  39. The Voice of God: “Just Show Up”

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