A Sojourner’s Creed


I belong to Christ
My time and my life are His.
He directs the moments and the activities of my days.

He is the counselor whose wisdom I follow.
He is the model for how I live,
and the audience I seek to please.
He has called me to worship Him.
He has gifted me to serve Him.

I belong to Christ,
and I will live for Him today and forever.

Marty Schoenleber Jr. has been a pastor, a church planter, a seminary professor, and an author but his favorite role is as husband and father. These days he serves as one of the elders and teaching pastor at Manchester Creek Community Church in Rock Hill, SC as well as his continuing work as a prolific blogger and missional strategist. In his blog he attempts to be “provocatively opinionated.”

In addition, he has taught Church Planting at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and trains church planters around the world in partnership with Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI). When he is not engaged in these activities he is either relaxing with his wife, rooting for a Philadelphia sports team, pedaling his bike down the backroads of South Carolina, puttering around in his garden or mentoring church planters. Occasionally, he sleeps.

There are various internet sites where you can catch up with Marty most recent activities: 

  1. Chosenrebel.wordpress.com (“pastoral care for church planters and other missional leaders”)
  2. RadicalCHURCHplanting.com (a resource for church planters)
  3. His books are available at Amazon.com and Crossbooks.com as well as Barnes and Noble in both paperback and electronic reader formats. 
  • Loss of a Job (Broadman and Holman, 1994)  — help for those seeking their next job
  • Experience the Passion of Christ (The Sojourning Press, 2004) —devotional based on the Stations of the Cross and the last 18 hours of Jesus’ life.
  • Picking a President: Or Any Other Elected Official (Crossbooks, 2012)  —31 day devotional based on the book of Proverbs.
  • Experience the Passion of Christ: Small Group Edition (The Sojourning Press, 2015)
  • Settlers or Sojourners? A Meditation on Christin Identity (The Sojourning Press, 2016)
  • An Ordination Sermon by Robert McCheyne, edited by Marty Schoenleber (The Sojourning Press, 2015)
  • Finding a Job in Jobless Economy: The Bible Code for Hope, (The Sojourning Press, 2017) —this is a revised and expanded version of the 1994 book published by Broadman & Holman.

4.  Two facebook pages at Radical Church Planting and Picking a President: Or
Any Other Elected Official

Download my personal resume at Http://RadicalChurchPlanting.com at the bottom of the ABOUT page.

2 thoughts on “A Sojourner’s Creed

  1. Thanks, Marty, for speaking at our church this evening. I like your advice to let folks know we are Christians upon introduction. A pastor I respect has said that we don’t have to tell others right away that we’re Christians, but when they find out, they shouldn’t be surprised. On the other hand, your strategy has some advantages I hadn’t thought of until this evening. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog, and hearing your sermon tomorrow at Bridgepoint Church. –Jen S.


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