The Importance of Pain to Worship

The idea in this periodic series is to write a poem of personal reflection for each Psalm in the Psalter. This is the offering for Psalm 116. 

Don’t think of any as high art. Think of these offerings as one poor man’s desire to draw nearer to Christ. New entries will generally appear on Sunday afternoons.

One more thing: It is always best to read the psalm or the verses being commented on first.

suffering (David Bain)

Read Psalm 116

Cf. especially verses 1-4, and 9

The Importance of Pain

How is it possible to write without pain?
How can anything be written worth reading
…..  that doesn’t pulse from a pen
…..  like blood from a mortal wound?
Like a spurting carotid artery spilling life.

Trampled upon,
Crushed by doubt,

This is the soil that turns its gaze to You.

So make my heart turn.
Afflict it for my good.
Break me if you must.
Pulverize my pride.

Then cauterize my wound with the hot poker of Your Spirit,
So I might cry and pray like David.
….  “So I might walk before You
….   In the light of the living.”
Teach my soul to praise the God I trust and can’t live without.

Go to Psalm 117

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