The Strength of the Weak

Free-flowing Catawba River in York County, South Carolina. This was the historical Catawba Indian nation; the Catawba Indian Reservation, which exists in disconnected parcels, is on the west (left) side of this photo.

Read Psalm 28

A Prayer for Help, and Praise for Its Answer.

The terms, metaphors and names of God in the 28th Psalm:

  1. LORD (vs. 1, 5, 6),   YHWH
  2. My Rock (vs. 1),
  3. the LORD is my strength (vs. 7),
  4. the LORD is their strength (vs. 8)         (or “… His people’s strength”)
  5. Implied, “[Their] saving defense (vs 8)
  6. Implied, “Their Shepherd” (vs 9)

Strength of the Weak

Be my strength
O Rock and strength
of all who who call upon Your Name.

Be the One who hears my silent cries
and sees my up-stretched hands.

For Without You, without Your presence,
I will stumble into a merciless pit.

Without Your help
my life will look like one who has not been redeemed.

not promised,
not embraced,
not chosen,

But I am yours
and You will hear my voice
though it be laced with tears.
My cries will not be ignored
The wicked will not drag me away.

Because You are my saving defense
You are the Shepherd of my life, 
And I have nothing to fear because
You are the strength of the weak.
So in my weakness,
I will trust in You.

Go to Psalm 29   The Voice

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