The Poetry Project: Teaching a Soul to Sing Again

The “Poetry Project” is a period feature of the blog composed of “poetic” reflections on each of the psalms in the psalter. The goal is produce a poetic-ish reflection on either the whole psalm or some portion of the psalm. I’m not under any illusions. I am not a poet. I have a poets heart but not a poets ability. I wish I had more ability, but what I do have is honesty. Expect that, even when my execution falls short and sounds clunky. In this offering, I attempted to write lines of no more than 10 syllables. (Failed)

Read Psalm 77

Teaching a Soul to Sing Again

It was my grief that led me astray.
It was my sorrow that lied to me.
It took advantage of my weakened state,
and led me to the valley of despond.
And it was there the devils minions 
found me and whispered their lies.
And I listened, I stupidly listened,
like I have so many times before.
And the mire grew thick
and shadowed my heart. 
But then Yah sent His grace
and whispered lie-defeating memories.
“The book, the wonders in the book,
Remember the works of old. I have not changed.”
I will remember the deeds of Yah.
I will remember Your wonders of old.
I will meditate on all Your work
and muse on Your deeds.
And you will lift me from the mire
into the light of Your presence, to sing again. 

Go to Psalm 78

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