You Wouldn’t Fit There Now

Part of  The Poetry Project

Read Psalm 103

“Bless the LORD, o my soul,
And all that is within me, bless His holy name.”    (vs. 1)

Man prayingYou Wouldn’t Fit There Now

You wouldn’t fit there now
But when you were small
So small you fit in a dark and secret place
So small you hid from us and never made a sound
I would wrap my hands around you
I would cradle you tenderly
We were two separate people
Related by blood
Related by love
Separated by the thin membrane of your mother’s belly.
You wouldn’t fit there now
But inside your mother’s womb
Inside the dark mystery of your shaping
I held your form before I beheld your face
I prayed for you
I used David’s words
I cried out with joy and tears
I lifted your present forming
I lifted your future breathing
I carried the wonder of your life
To a womb-opening God
And pleaded to a good and powerful God
.     “Bless the Lord, O my soul
.      and all that is within mom
.      bless His holy name!”
I never stopped.
The prayer has never ended.
It never will.

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