Remind Yourself to Need God

It’s Everywhere in Scripture

Vespasian Psalter

All of the Psalter, really, all over the Scripture, there are “declarations of dependence” spoken by the people of God. Unfortunately, outside of the Psalter, an overwhelming and much more numerous picture in the Scripture are “declarations of independence” from God. This morning at 5:30 AM, the Spirit of God wanted to remind me of this and took me to Psalm 5.

Remember to need your God today.

Read Psalm 5

A Declaration of Dependence
  (part of the poetry project)

I need.
I need.
I need my King and my God.
I need you.

Hear the sound of my cry.
Surely you will not ignore my tear-soaked eyes.
So fill my eyes with an ocean till all my joy is centered in you.
I need you Lord.
I need you now.

In the morning, help me to watch,
     with you
     for you
     only you
Fix my eyes on your steadfast love;
Let your protection be my refuge
so my mouth overflows with praise.

Revised and re-posted 4-18-15

Go to Psalm 6

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