King David’s Sarcasm and Wisdom

This morning I was reading Psalm 58 during morning devotions and saw the sarcasm of David’s first two verses for the first time.

That’s humbling!

In the 47 years since I became a Bible reader, I have probably read psalm 58 over 100 times and only today did it register that David’s psalm begins with dripping sarcasm for the foolishness of those who disdain the law of God. How could I be so blind! But maybe that there is a lesson here. Today was a “slow” day. Everything seemed to move slower. And in the slowness, I was able to meditate and so see what was always there. That is probably a good lesson for all of us. Reading slowly, reflectively, meditatively is something that all of us should do more of.

A reflection on Psalm 58:1-2, 11

Part of the Poetry Project
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New gods Creating New Laws

The folly of strutting like a god
     with new morals and laws
As if the corruption of men
     is capable of replacing the Ten.
We cannot change the science.
     A man is a man and a woman is a woman,
anything else are the words of madmen.
It is a cosmic rebellion
     against the real and only God.
Do you indeed know what is right
     you puny imitation of a god?
You, who propose new laws 
     and break the old,
The Ten will crush you and damn you all 
     because your heart spins out wrong
     and your hands deal out violence on the earth.
Your power is but for a moment
     and the righteous will rejoice,
When He who is coming judges the earth.

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