We are on a new adventure in church planting but continue to be faith supported missionaries with the Evangelical Free Church of America. We currently are drawing no salary and are trusting God to supply whatever needs we may have.

We are still able to raise support for the church planting efforts God calls us to both inside and outside the country. Our current efforts are focused on the southwest area of Rock Hill, South Carolina. If you want to support this new work, mail contributions to

The Sanctuary
P.O. Box 4614
Rock Hill, SC 29732

Receipts for contributions will be sent each month.

We ask you to pray. We only want those people on the team who sense the call of God. So would you pray and ask God if he wants you to join with us in changing the world through training church planters?

If your answer is yes, thank you and welcome aboard!
If your answer is no, we thank you for praying and seeking what God would have you do.  We have trusted the Lord Christ to lead you.

Usually, our partners give monthly, but some give bi-monthly or annually. We trust the Lord to help you make that decision. The church office receives the monies, receipts our donors, and cuts our checks when there is enough money in the account to reimburse us for ministry expenses. If you would like to partner with us …

Make sure you include your full name and address for your receipt. Thanks for partnering with us in the gospel. Send us your prayer requests at We love to pray for those who partner with us.

Thank you for your partnership in our work.

Important facts
  1. We work with many denominations and Marty continues to mentor men around the world who are interested in starting church planting movements.
  2. 100% of what is given to our ministry goes directly to our ministry. 

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