Booking Information

If you would like to book Marty for a retreat, seminar, conference, Sunday preaching, or to consult with your leadership team: Contact him at

Retreat Topics:

  1. “Have Your Dreams Been Born Again” (A radical expose of the Jesus’ call to discipleship) 3-5 messages depending on time and needs.
  2. “Real Hope for Hard Times” (A dramatic walk through of the OT book of Habakkuk) 3-5 messages depending on time and needs.
  3. “Spiritual Formation According to Jesus” (An in-depth exploration of critical texts related to the call of Christ.)
  4. “Refuse to Live Without Joy” (A four message survey of Philippians)

Seminar Topics: (One day events of various lengths)

  1. “The Art of Biblical Meditation” (How to become a ‘Bible Besotted/God Besotted disciple)
  2. Intensely Local Ministry(How to help your people reach their neighbors for Christ)
  3. How to Plant Your First Church (Outlines a process for your church to become a church planting church)
  4. “Creating Gospel Dialogue with Your Catholic Neighbor” (A seminar on clarifying the gospel) -just finished

Conference Themes:

  1. Church Planting
  2. Missional Leadership
  3. Training and Equipping the Saints to Do the Work of Evangelism
  4. Expository Preaching that Reaches the Lost
  5. Discipleship/Spiritual Formation
  6. The Kingdom Parable of Christ

Sunday Preaching:

Marty is available for short term pulpit supply as well as spot messages to move a church toward missional leadership and vision. Let Marty say the radical things your people need to hear and might hear more easily from someone on the outside.

More coming soon.

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