There is Such a Thing as Glory


While meditating on Psalm 105, some simple lines to remind my soul that there is such a thing as glory. 

With apologies to Rich Mullin, there is glory in every page of Scripture if we rightly discern its subject. However circuitious, the subject is always Christ. God’s glory is on display and we all need eyes to see it. 

If you are reading through the Psalms in a month, the 21st day of the month includes psalm 105 as the morning reading. Pslam 106 is the evening reading.

The 21st Day

The 21st day
An AM reading
45 verses
91 lines
Rehearsing glory.
Remembering wonder.
Seeking in the path ways of history
The presence of a holy One;
A powerful One;
A promise-giving and promise-keeping One.

Reminding a heart to sojourn rather than settle,
To meditate on the goodness of a praise-worthy King.
To give thanks to a personal and present God
A wise and wondrous God,
Who remembered His holy promise, 
And Abraham, His servant
And brought His people out with joy
and His chosen ones, with singing.

May my heart, like theirs, praise You continually.
May my heart never forget You and all You have done for me.

Go to Psalm 106

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