When Waiting On God is the Purpose

The Poetry Project

waiting-on-godIn December of 2009 or thereabouts, my son, Marty Schoenleber III, (aka, Marty S. Dalton) put a video up on Youtube.com. It inspired me to keep working on a project I thought of a couple of years ago. The idea is to write a poem of personal reflection for each Psalm in the psalter. Here are some of the offerings so far. Some of the poems are preceded by a brief commentary.

Don’t think of any as high art. Think of these offerings as one poor man’s desire to draw nearer to Christ. 

One more thing: It is always best to read the psalm or the verses being commented on first.

Read Psalm 130:1-8  (esp. vs. 6)

We have been watching and waiting on God’s call for the next season of life. It isn’t always easy. Sometimes, however, I think I am more anxious than I care to admit. Which is probably why God led me to Psalm 130 today in my devotions. Our wait may be coming to an end but we hope the lessons learned will make a difference in the path ahead.

There is a Waiting

There is a waiting,
That is not waiting at all.

There is a waiting that is all busy, movement, and anxiety
..             and preoccupied struggle,
..             and distracted waste,
..             and time filled with impatience
..                                           and complaining
..                                           and self-pitying angst.
There is a waiting that doesn’t wait at all.
It just watches time pass.
It deals time away like so many cards in a mindless game of rummy,
nnnas if moments and breaths were less than pennies in value.
But there is a waiting that waits.
,,,,Its hope is deep.
Its confidence is not easily shattered.
Its fulfillment is a joyous relief.
It anticipates.
It longs.
Its tears are not in vain.
Its vindication is sure.
My soul is being trained for this waiting.
My soul is being trained by this waiting.
“My soul waits for the Lord,
..         more than the watchman for the morning.
Indeed, more than the watchman for the morning.”
My soul waits for the Lord.

Go to Psalm 131

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