Your Heart has a Voice (that you cannot trust)

Read Psalm 36

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Part of the Poetry Project
An attempt to write a “poetic reflection” on each of the psalms in the Psalter.
Don’t think of these as high art, (that won’t be hard);
but as one man’s attempt to be honest with the spirit contained in the psalm.

Your Heart Has a Voice

Your heart has a voice
that you cannot trust.
From deep within it will whisper
that “God does not see.”

It is a liar though it soothes you and woos you
and comforts you and convinces you,
that God is too loving to be feared,
and too distant to be adored.

It will contradict God’s own voice
that declares the wisdom of fearing the Holy One.
Its whole desire is to flatter you
and keep you from hating what is evil.

And that is why you must defeat it
and remind it that the lovingkindness of the Lord
extends to the heavens
and His faithfulness can be trusted on the earth.

For your heart leaks its goodness
and must be replenished with His kindness.
And your soul needs to be cultivated
in the righteousness of his judgments.

It must be taught, everyday taught
about the preciousness of His love,
and the comforts of His refuge.
It must learn to drink from the river of His delights.

For evildoers will lie fallen;
they will be thrust down and unable to rise.
But you will rise with Him who rose again
when your hope is in Him who caused you to be born again.

Go to Psalm 37

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