The Art of Biblical Meditation

Saturday Seminar Format

Biblical Meditation(Taking bookings now for 2021-22)

“Why is it some Christians, though they hear many sermons, make such slow progress in devotion?

Because they neglect their closets, to meditate.”

                                                                  C.H. Spurgeon

The Art of Biblical Meditation is a one day seminar designed to train believers in Jesus Christ to hide the word of God in their hearts so that biblical transformation becomes a life changing experience. Learn …

  1. what biblical meditation is,
  2. how it differs from other forms of meditation and
  3. why this vital discipline needs to be recaptured for spiritual formation that is deep, satisfying, and world changing.

Biblical meditation 2Time: 8:30 AM  – 3:00 PM

Cost:  $35/person + travel ($9/person comes back to the church and all materials are included as part of the seminar) [please limit size of group to under 60; groups under 20 cost is $40/person]

Host responsibilities:  Hosting church provides refreshments at breaks, meeting space and sound equipment (if needed).

Coming soon:

  1. On Site Host Leadership Guide
  2. Downloadable Brochure
  3. Registration Sheets
  4. Testimonials for Use in Advertising

To book a Saturday for your church or group, contact:

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