There are Things that are Certain

Saturday Morning Musings

Read Psalm 46

Corn coming up in the field
Backyard Stillness

Another offering for the poetry project.

The psalmist knows his God.

  • God is our refuge (vs. 1)
  • He is our present help (vss. 1, 5)
  • He is in our midst. (vs. 5)
  • He is the LORD of hosts (vss. 7, 11)
  • He is the God of Jacob (vss. 7, 11)
  • He is the only God (vs. 10)

This is what the sons of Korah know of their God and so the “therefore” of verse 2 is the perfect expression of their hope and ours:

“therefore we will not fear though the earth give way, 
though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea.”

Still your heart in the midst of pain. Take refuge in the surety of God’s promises. He is with you. Remember.

Read Psalm 46 out loud. Read it again. Read it again and again till your soul melts under its truth and His Spirit remolds your hope, because there are things that are certain.

There are Things that are Certain

The Lord of hosts is with us
The God of Jacob is with us
There are things that are sure
There are things that are certain
There are things that must happen
Because a faithful God has declared it
No matter the trouble
No matter our fears
No matter our terror
No matter what is happening around us
No matter how we are betrayed, unvalued, despised, disdained, dismissed,
 …..    rejected, or misunderstood
No matter how much sorrow is poured into us

No matter the tumult and confusion that surround us
No matter the desolations of war or the losses of time
There are things that nothing can stop
There are promises that can never be undone
There are glories yet to be seen
You will make the wars to cease
You will break every instrument and plan
You will burn the weapons of war
So here in this moment
Here in this place
We will remember that You are God
You are with us 
You are in our midst
We will cease striving and remember that You are God
You are here
The Lord of hosts is with us
The God of Jacob is our stronghold.
We  will  not  be  moved.

 Go to Psalm 47

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