The “Running to God” Heart

Another Offering for the Poetry Project
Suggested by Psalm 55

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Running 1

This week I read of a blogging friend’s pain and sense of betrayal when a letter they had written was used by an author as the basis of an ebook without their permission. The betrayal was further deepened by the fact that my friend felt personally violated by the episode and the unbiblical counsel she thought the author was dispensing. 

Betrayal is everywhere in the Scripture. 

It is truly amazing to see the betrayal for instance that King David experienced. Fortunately, David wrote some psalms and the Holy Spirit guided his thoughts to give real help to our hope and health when we are betrayed. Psalm 55 is a good example.

So what do you tell a friend after they have been betrayed by someone who they thought would be a protector?
What do you tell a friend who was betrayed by the most important man in their life only to be betrayed again by another man?
What do you tell a pastor who has been betrayed by his staff or his elders or his best friend?
What do you tell yourself? 

My suggestion? Do a lot of listening. And when you do open your mouth (or unscrew your pen, or sit at your keyboard), be careful to direct your friend to the Scripture and to men and women like David and Job, and Hannah and Ruth. And don’t forget Jesus, our great high priest, betrayed not only by Judas but all of the disciples on the night before He died for them. Men and women who experienced some of the most brutal betrayals we could imagine and continued to trust in God are some of the most resilient people I know. You might want to start with the experience and counsel of David in Psalm 55.

Running 2

Always read the Psalm before the reflection

“But I Will Trust You”

In the darkness of this moment,
In the sorrow and shadow of this betrayal,
In the agony of this rejection,
In the memory of what is lost and will never be found,
In the regret of what might have been,
In the failure of unrealized hope,
In the anxiety and desire to flee,
In the anguish of this new loneliness,
I will throw my burden down;
I will cry my tears into your hands.
I will not forget You.
I will remember You.
I will trust You.
I  will  not  run,  from  You.

Go to Psalm 56


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