Other 2017   Dates coming soon

More 2017   Dates coming soon

The Battle for Planet Earth Begins
January 1       Joshua 24:14-18   The Resolutions that Transform a Life

January 8      Matthew 2:1-23    The Battle for Earth Begins
January 15     Matthew 2:1-6 and selected  The Clash of Two Kings
January 22    Proverbs 24:11-12  Rescue Those Who are Being Taken Away to Death
January 29    Matthew 3:1-12     How the Battle is Won

Not Titled Yet
February 12  Matthew 3:12-17   

February 19  Matthew 4:1-17
February 26  Matthew 4:18-25

Marriage Skills for the 21st Century
March 5   Genesis 1:26-28 and selected  The Purpose of Marriage
March 12 Genesis 2:18-25  The Plan of Marriage
March 19 Genesis 2:18-25 and selected The Personnel of Marriage
March 26 Ephesians 5:21-33  The Process of Marriage

The First 18 Hours of Eternity
April 2    Speaking at the University of Maryland Cru

April 7    Palm Sunday 
April 9    Good Friday
April 16  Easter Sunday
April 22  (Saturday)  Speaking at memorial service in Bolingbrook, IL
April 30 

Lord Willing —Family Reunions on these dates 

July 4, 2018

Thanksgiving 2019

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