me at ChristmasA Sojourner’s Creed

I belong to Christ.
.    My time and my life are His.
.    He directs the moments and the
.        activities of my days.
.    He is the counselor whose wisdom
.        I follow.
.    He is the model for how I live,
.        and the audience I seek to
.        please.
.    He has called me to worship Him.
.    He has gifted me to serve Him.
I belong to Christ,
.    and I will live for Him today and forever.

Marty Schoenleber has been a seminary professor, a church planter, a pastor, and an author (in that order) but his favorite role is as husband and father. After 10 years as a prolific blogger, missional strategist and church planting mentor, he now serves as a STANDING STONE MINISTRY field shepherd. People ask, “What are you doing these days?” To which he typically responds, “I’m hanging out with pastors who are in crisis.”  In his BLOG he attempts to be “provocatively opinionated.” In his ministry, he seeks to be an encourager. In his personal life, he works at being a person of integrity.

“Trying to be ‘provocatively opinionated’ means that I sometimes say stupid things that I later regret and for which I have to beg for forgiveness. (Twitter and Instagram mediums I need to be very careful around.)”

In addition, he trains church planters around the world in partnership with Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI). When he is not engaged in these activities he is either relaxing with his wife, bragging about his kids, rooting for a Philadelphia sports team or mentoring church planters. Occasionally, he sleeps.

There are two blogs:

  1. Chosenrebel.wordpress.com (“pastoral care for church planters and other missional leaders”)
  2. Chosenrebel.blogspot.com (“cultural engagement blog”)  [largely abandoned now]
  3. A previous blog formed the foundation for the book, Picking a President: Or Any Other Elected Official. (Get it hereor contact me directly at Chosen-Rebel@hotmail.com.

Download my personal resume at the bottom of this link

7 thoughts on “About

    1. They are made in the image and likeness of God.
      They are made a little lower than the angels.
      They are fearfully and wonderfully made and deeply fallen.
      Though deeply fallen, they are not beyond redemption.
      One day they will be judged by an almighty and holy God on the basis of the good news announced in Christ.


  1. Dear Mr. Stowe:

    I am writing a book, my second, which is a collection of articles, essays, letters, poems and speeches, many my own. I would like to include your A PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE ON HILLARY CLINTON but need your permission, which I hope you will grant.

    Thank you very much for your consideration.

    Chuck Mansfield


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