St. John’s Study Center

5-29-13  A second site in Indiana is in development.

4-3-10  St. John’s Study Center continues to grow even before it’s official birth.  Have a second Bed and Breakfast, this one in Indiana Amish country that wants to be a part of the national network of retreat sites for pastors. St. John’s Study Center will provide opportunities for pastors and Christian leaders to get away for one to three day prayer retreats focused on learning what it means to be missional in the 21st Century.  

3-22-10  “Giving Faithful Men New Lenses for a Changing World.” St. John’s Study Center gives an opportunity for Christian leaders to get away for an extended time of prayer and reflection on what it means to lead well in a post-modern world.  We strive to design personal prayer retreats of one to three days devoted to exploring what it means to live  and lead missionally in the 21st century.  If you would like more information on the Study Centers and the opportunities available contact the Director at

3-17-10  “Retooling Pastors for a Post-Modern World.”

Saint John’s Study Center has a temporary home at the Springbrook, IN.

Pastors and Christian Leaders will be able to book a room at the _______________  B&B for either a self-guided or a mentored prayer retreat focused on exploring a “cross-shaped incarnational lifestyle.”

We are working on sites in Indiana, one in Pennsylvania as well as others we hope to have soon in Ontario, Canada and Iowa.  Pray for the funding of the resource library that will go in each.

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