When the Name of God is Near

Read Psalm 75

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Today, I was reading a unique book that is a great addition to any worshippers library. 

“The Book of Psalms for Singing” (1973), is a book that takes every psalm in the book of Psalms and puts them into English verse with “musical settings designed for singing in public and private worship. Most of the versions are in rhymed meter in the tradition of the Genevan and Scottish Psalters of the early 1600’s. . . . In an effort to capture further the meaning and force of the Hebrew poetry, some Psalms have been translated into unrhymed or irregular meters.” (p. iii)

Here is how the 75 psalm is rendered (see below). Open your Bible and compare the verses of your Bible with the “versification” of the musical arrangement below. (The numbers in parenthesis indicate the corresponding verse that is being reshaped for the sense into a singable format. It will help guide your own meditation on the Psalm.

To Thee, O God, we render thanks  (1)
To Thee give thanks sincere,
Because Thy wondrous works declare
That Thy great name is near.
When my appointed time is come, (2)
I’ll judge with even hand,
Though earth and all its dwellers melt, (3)
I make its pillars stand.
I to the boastful said, “Boast not!” (4)
To vile men, “Lift no horn!
Do not lift up your horn on high, (5)
Nor speak with neck of scorn!”
For not from east nor west nor wilds (6)
Comes exaltation nigh,
For God is judge, debasing one, (7)
Another raising high.
The LORD pours out a foaming cup (8)
Which well-mixed wine contains,
And every wicked one on earth
Must drink; the dregs he drains.
But I will tell it evermore  (9)
to Jacob’s God sing praise;
And horns of sinners I’ll cut off, (10)
But just men’s horns I’ll raise.
Charles H. Gabriel (Composer, Arranger)

For those of you who read music, here is the music.


And here’s a brief attempt to emulate it below.

Part of the Poetry Project

When the Name of God is Near

The wondrous works of God are there
To remind us that His name is near
Oh that our hearts would ne’re forget
That our God reigns ou’er all our fears.

Go to Psalm 76

One thought on “When the Name of God is Near

  1. This “translation” brings a fresh perspective to the Psalms (even though it’s in 1600s English). Any new perspective that helps us see Scripture in a new light is a beautiful thing.

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