When the Violent Stalk the Land

As I prayed through Psalm 60, I was struck by how relevant David’s Psalm of lament was for our lamentable time. There is more we can do then pray but prayer is always the place to start. The moral breakdown of the nation is everywhere evident and almost nationally ignored as the nation’s violent underbelly is displayed not only by 18 year-old assassins but in the violent rhetoric of right and left competing for air time in the midst of parental sorrows that words cannot describe.

Will no one look through these windows to a national soul that needs revival? Time and God’s judgment will reveal.

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When the Violent Stalk the Land

One nation, under God.

Restore us O God,
        for our lives have been shattered.
Like a land shaken
        so our lives have toppled upon us.
We stagger in sorrows
        for our neighbors have fallen,
And violent men stalk the land
        fear and anger inhabit the highways.

Answer O God!
We display Your banner.
It declares truth in brilliant colors
that those who look to You
might be delivered.

Over all the earth You declare,
“Mine! I am sovereign.”
So save O God,
        for there is none like You.
No one else is enough.

But for Your glory 
We will be delivered.
Revive us O God
that we would not be broken

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