Marty at Outside Preaching EventWe are no longer faith supported missionaries with the Evangelical Free Church of America. Beginning on September 1, 2012, Marty became the lead pastor of a Multi-site church planting church in Watseka, IL. Trinity Church is now our point of reference for training workers for the world-wide church planting movement.

But we still need a team behind us for both finances (much less) and prayer (much more). We ask you to pray. We only want those people on the team who sense the call of God. So would you pray and ask God if he wants you to join with us in changing the world through training church planters?

If your answer is yes, thank you and welcome aboard!
If your answer is no, we thank you for praying and seeking what God would have you do.  We have trusted the Lord Christ to lead you.

In the past, many of our partners gave monthly, to support us in the ministry of training church planters. Because my salary is now covered by Trinity Church, I only need support for the periodic trips to train planters in other parts of the country and one international trip a year and a few dollars a month for lunches and travel expenses to meet with and mentor church planters.

We would love to have you on our team and we trust the Lord to help you make decision about whether to join our prayer team or our giving team or, best of all, both. The district office of the Evangelical Free Church of America received these monies in the past, and receipted our donors. I am in the process of setting up a new procedure so that what happened through the district can continue to happen in a seamless fashion in the future. If you would like to partner with us …

How to Contribute:
Contact me at:

Mail to:

Great Lakes District
PO Box 286
Osceola, IN 46561-0286

Thanks for partnering with us in the gospel. Send us your prayer requests at

You can also give online if you desire by going to the following

Important facts

  1. We work with many denominations
  2. We are training both house church planters and more traditional church planters
  3. 100% of what is given to our ministry goes directly to our ministry. 

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