Where's Marty
Looking and Being Innocent are Two Different Things

More 2017 Dates coming soon


We still haven’t sold the house in Watseka, but we have a closing date for the house here. We close on April 17th, the day after Easter on our new home. Our new address will be 

418 Tyson Forest Drive
Rock Hill, SC

We look forward to meeting our neighbors, planting a garden, and starting a home-group. And we look forward to your visit, any of you who read this. God is doing great things in the church. Soon, seven men will be trained in One-to-one discipleship. We have a headstart on the women but I know that Stephnie will soon catch up. Please keep praying for the sale of our house in Watseka. We will be living pretty sparse until the house sells.

The Art of Biblical Meditation Seminar in now confirmed. Any of you in the Baltimore area, it would be great to see you there (see below for details). I’m looking forward to seeing a few of my old college friends on the East Coast.

Marriage Skills for the 21st Century
March 19 Genesis 2:18-25 and selected     The Personnel of Marriage
March 26 Ephesians 5:21-33                          The Process of Marriage

The First 18 Hours of Eternity
.               Timonium Presbyterian Church
.               303 W. Timonium Road
.               Timonium, MD
.               8:30 AM – 3:00 PM   (Cost: $30) Lunch provided
April 2    [Speaking at the University of Maryland Cru]
.               Banquet Dinner
April 7    Palm Sunday 
April 9    Good Friday
April 16  Easter Sunday
April 22  (Saturday)  Speaking at memorial service in Bolingbrook, IL
April 30  Morning –
Evening – Strategic Adult Leadership Training

May 2017

The King and His Kingdom’s Ways  — The Sermon on the Mount Part 1 
May 7    Matthew 5:1-20   Jesus Cals His Disciples to Joy

May 21  Matthew 5:21-48 
May 28  Matthew 5:1-48  Lord’s Supper

June 2017

June 4   Matthew 6:1-6
June 11  Matthew 6:7-15
June 18  Matthew 6:16-24
June 25  Matthew 6:25-34  Lord’s Supper

August 7-18    Traveling to Tanzania, Africa to train pastors with Dale Burke (TENTATIVE)

Speaking at a Discipleship Conference in Kankakee, IL

Please pray for four things:

  1. That my bride would be protected while we continue to wait for the sale of our house. (Look in on her for me.)
  2. That our house would sell quickly at a good price.
  3. That my travels will be safe.
  4. That Jesus would be exalted and the kingdom of God expanded as a result of our move to South Carolina.

More 2017 Dates coming soon

Available to preach and teach for retreats, conferences, and seminars after approval from my new board of elders.

Lord Willing —Family Reunions on these dates 

July 4, 2018

Thanksgiving 2019

12 thoughts on “Where’s Marty?

  1. We miss you, pastor Marty. We are praying for you and Steph and wish you the very best!!! God bless you, and your family! Heartfelt love, The Dexter’s


  2. Marty and Steph–you are always in my prayers. Whatever you decide (on the next place to be), I pray it will be God’s choice for you both. I know you will be blessings to many, many people!!! You two are always in my thoughts and prayers, and I also pray that you stay healthy and happy. Love you both!!!


  3. Marty, you will be missed by so many people in the Chicagoland area. But, you will find South Carolina to be a wonderful place to do ministry. I pray you’ll have a great start in Rock Hill and a long/fruitful ministry there. I lived in Rock Hill as a kid. That was a long, long time ago! No doubt you’ve heard that the New Song has turned over the church to the Naperville church. I hope it all works out. Blessings my friend. Lee Iseley

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  4. Hope you are doing well. I really miss your teachings and have taken to reading from the good book more since you left. I will look you up if I come that way. God Bless You .


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