Teaching a Soul to Sing

Saturday Musings

broken_heart_by_midget_penguin-d46fbldRead psalm 107

He’s on a mission. He is trying to teach his soul to sing. Life is hard and then you die. But he has heard of the doings of God. He has heard the stories of God’s faithfulness. So he is on a mission to teach his soul to sing the song of trust in a living and involved God.

Four times. 

Four times the writer follows the same pattern. Four times the song of his heart is . . .

“Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble,
           and he delivered them from their distress.”
                                                      (Ps. 107:6, 13, 19, 28)

Four times he reminds his heart that the God he loves . . .

is a God who hears,
is a God who knows,
is a God of compassion,
is a God who delivers.

Four times a heart is encouraged by the memory of God’s faithfulness in the past.

And four times his heart is invited to respond.

Let them thank the Lord for his steadfast love,
           for his wondrous works to the children of man!
                                                  (Psalm 107:8, 15, 21, 31)

And in between each reminder and each invitation to praise the “wondrous works” of God are the specific things that God did in response to an impassioned cry for help. 

  • He made “a straight way” for a wandering people. (v. 7)
  • He comforted those grieving death (v. 14)
  • He freed people from bondage. (v.14)
  • He sent out his word and healed them, (v. 20)
  • He delivered people on the verge of destruction. (v. 20)
  • He stilled storms and hushed the sea (v. 29)
  • And he delivered them safely in their travels. (v. 30)

This is the God I need to teach my soul to love. This is the God who reveals himself in his word. This is the God whose “lovingkindness is everlasting” (v. 1), “who the upright see and are glad” (v. 42).

Who is wise? Let him give heed to these things,
              and consider the lovingkindness of the LORD. (v. 43).

When the Heart is Broken

When my heart is broken
When the hurt is deepest
When the sorrow’s so thick
When the rejection is most painful
When the abandonment is complete
When the doors are all barred
When the voices are silent
When the accusations are shocking
When forgiveness is not on the horizon
When I have been written off
.       counted as nothing
.       less than nothing
.       unworthy of love
.       unworthy of respect
.       unworthy of half a moments smile
.       and the eyes stare from a distant north
Then Lord,
Make my heart this wise.
Let me heed who You are,
and consider all Your lovingkindness,
and remember You;
So that none of the things I long for
become an idol that causes me to forget

Poor Bishop Hooper Song of Thanks Based on Psalm 107

Go to Psalm 108

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