A Psalm of David Reheard

Monday is for Discussion

Another offering for the poetry project. We live in a post-resurrection world. We live in a world that has been radically changed by “the news of a great joy that will be for all the people” (Luke 2:10) and a Savior who rose from the dead (Luke 24:7). We live in a God inhabited world and it effects (or should) everything we do, including, reading the Psalms.

Read Psalm 24:1-10 

Brick WallA Psalm of David Re-heard

Its all Yours, all of it
      Everything I see and everyone I don’t
There’s never been a day
      When it wasn’t Yours
For You conceived it
      And grew it up from the ocean depths
      And placed Your peoples on its river banks

You are pure, and holy, and righteous.
Where You dwell, I cannot ascend;

       I cannot stand in such a holy place.
I don’t have clean hands ;
       I don’t have a pure heart;
       I often dwell with falsehood;
       And my heart often deceives itself.

How can I receive any blessing from You,
       with an unrighteous soul?
But You are a God of salvation.

       You are a God who gives righteousness;
       You are the God who places new hearts in stony places;
       You are the God who woos the heart;
       You are the God who gives grace,
And causes the blind to seek sight.     Selah   

So, like the ancient gates
       I will lift up my head
       that the King of glory may inhabit my heart.
But who is the King of Glory?
.     The Lord, the scarred and pierced
.     The Lord, triumphant over death.
He is the King of Glory.
So, like the ancient gates
.     I will lift up my head
.     that the King of glory may conquer my heart.
Who is the King of glory?
.     The Lamb of God, who takes away sins,
.     The Lamb of God, slain from the foundations of the earth,
He is the King of glory!                           Selah

Go to Psalm 25.

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