Really God?

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Iraq War

Part of the continuing series called “The Poetry Project”.

The poetry project is a periodic series that appears on the blog as a part of my daily devotions in the psalms. When time allows and “inspiration” hits, I attempt to give a meditative reflection on a psalm in a poetic form. Never think of these as great art. For that, you will need to search elsewhere. Think of these as one man’s attempt to deal with the text of Scripture in an honest and creative way.

Always read the psalm being reflected upon. It is the only way that some of these reflections will make sense and be of any worth at all.

Read Psalm 33

“He nullifies the counsel of the nations.
He frustrates the plans of the peoples.”

Psalm 33:10

Really God?

Really God?
Is this what you do?
You nullify the counsel of the nations?

It doesn’t seem like it!
It doesn’t seem like you care about what the nations are plotting.
Forget history.
I’m talking about now, last week, yesterday.
In Iran they raised a red flag and called for Jihad.*

As if more blood dripping from a mosque would somehow appeal to the world,
that somehow more blood would prove Islam is a religion of peace.

Doesn’t sound like a good plan to me!
Our own government took out a terrorist from one country on the soil of another country.
Why didn’t you nullify the plans of Tehran and Washington?
What is going on Lord?
Two powerful nation’s leaders seem bent on taking their people to war.
They haven’t read verse 16,
And they certainly don’t believe verse 17.
The saber-rattling in the White House and Tehran is making the whole world shake.
But you don’t say how you do these things.
You don’t say what your time scheme is or even what the scale of time is in which you do your frustraing nullifying work.
You have used the wicked to accomplish your work in the past
and there is no reason why your plan would be different today.
But we, . . . we are confused.
We know not all things are good,
but that you are able to make them work together for the good.
I don’t know the answers
But still I will trust you.
Your word is true.
All your works are done in faithfulness.**
So I will trust you . . .
But I will pray too.
“Oh God, let your lovingkindness, be upon us
So that our hope in you will be vindicated.”***   

*January 4, 2020.
**vs. 4.
***vs. 22.

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