Understanding and Befriending Your Catholic Neighbor

Outline of the Seminar
Understanding and Befriending Your Catholic Neighbor

A one day (Saturday) seminar to help you understand your “Catholic” neighbor (or yourself)  Contact me by email at Chosen-Rebel@hotmail.com to book this seminar.

8:30-9:00         Registration/refreshments

8:55-9:00         Welcome, Introduction and Seminar Materials Distributed

9:00-9:50        Session 1: An Introduction (50 min)
9:50-10:05       Break
10:05-11:00     Session 2: The Catholic Mind (55 min)
11:00-11:15      Break
11:15-12:15       Session 3: Salvation: The Catholic & Evangelical Views (60 min)

12:15-1:15         Lunch Break                              (lunch provided)

1:15-2:00         Session 4:        Table Discussion (45 min)
2:00-2:15        Break
2:15-3:00        Session 5:        Putting it All Together (45 min)
3:00                 End

3:00-4:00         Optional Q & A; Light Refreshment  (Leave by 4 PM)

$40 per person ($55/couple) Includes:

  • Set of notes
  • Lunch
  • A new vision of the gospel
  • Practical help in loving your Catholic neighbor

A book for understanding:   Holy Ground  (Chris Castaldo)
A book to give away:               The God I Thought I Knew (Michael Talaga)
A book to study together:     Experience the Passion of Christ (Me)

  • All books will be for sale during the breaks.
  • Contact me by email at Chosen-Rebel@hotmail.com to book this seminar.

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