The Soul’s Need for a Savior

Friday is for Heart Songs

Read Psalm 51 and 2 Samuel 11

David’s sin and confession is an invitation for all of us to look with an unblinking eye at our hearts. (The following is from the archives of an old blog I have since closed.)

Repulsed by a Look Within

An offering for The Poetry Project



Satisfy me with Yourself.
Take my shallow and fickle heart
and deepen the channels that direct it to You.
You know my heart is desperately sick.
I don’t, I can’t understand it.

But I can make real headway in describing it.

It is fickle, shallow, prideful, easily hurt, grievously self-centered,
selfish, arrogant, lacking compassion, lazy,
given to anger, resentment, bitterness and folly.

Left un-checked and untethered to Your word
it would lead me into dark prisons of experience,
shackles of sensual excess,
pits of despair and self-pity

So satisfy me with You, that all my pleasures
would be grounded in Your goodness
and the wonder of Your ways.

Go to Psalm 52

2 thoughts on “The Soul’s Need for a Savior

  1. Those lyrics do remind me of my need for a Savior! The lyrics also bring to mind my favorite prayer, Lord Jesus have mercy on me a sinner! and one of my all time favorite songs, My Redeemer Lives! which truly lifts my soul to worship my Redeemer.
    My Redeemer Lives

    I know he rescued my soul
    His blood has covered my sins
    I believe, I believe

    My shame he’s taken away
    My pain is healed in his name
    I believe, I belive

    I’ll raise a banner, (oh.. hoh) cause my lord
    Has conquered the grave

    My redeemer lives, my redeemer lives
    My redeemer lives, my redeemer lives

    You lift my burden, I’ll rise with you
    I’m dancing on this mountain top
    To see your kingdom come

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