The Mockers are Loud

Thursday is for Discipleship

Bar harborStill on vacation with my bride. This morning we walked the rocks of Acadia in Bar Harbor, Maine and had our devotions together looking out to sea at the Porcupine islands. My thoughts ran to Psalm 11.

Go ahead and read it.

It is a psalm of defiant faith.

David is being told by those closest to him to flee because his enemies are too numerous and vicious. Their voices are mocking but his heart is filled with faith because of who his God is and what he remembers and knows about that God.

So how is such a man to act in faith? How are we to act if we follow David’s example?

We take refuge in Him not ourselves, in Him not our position, power, personality, education, performance, friends, or contacts. Our refuge is in HIM (vs 1). David refuses the counsel of those who would direct him to trust in something other than the Lord for his refuge. Here’s my reworking of the Psalm.

The Mockers are Loud

The mockers are loud.
Their confidence is deep.

They are ready to pounce,
Like snipers from the darkness,
They shoot any who are unlike them.
But I am unmoved,
.     for I remember You.
I know where You dwell,
.     You have made it known.
I know the tower of Your might,
.     the heavens declare it.
I know that You are just,
.     for Your law reveals it.
I know that those who love violence
.     are not unnoticed by You.
You love righteousness,
      Therefore, I will place all my hope in You.
It is Your face I will see;
      And my refuge forever is You.

Go to Psalm 12     

[Part of “The Poetry Project]

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