To Tremble at Holy Things

Friday is for Heart Songs

Read Psalm 114:1-8

Suggested by a Reading of Psalm 114
Meditating on Psalm 114

tree-cathedral_mainTo Tremble at Holy Things

A people, dirty

.              landless
.              homeless
.              unskilled
.              unsettled
.              rebellious
.              stubborn
.              oppressed
.              pursued
.              hungry
.              thirsty
.              doubting
.              faithless
.              sinful
.              prideful
.              fearful

But also, covenanted

.              promised
.              chosen
.              appointed
.              rescued
.              redeemed
.              loved

You made them, a sanctuary

.              a dwelling place
.              witnesses to a fleeing sea
.              a retreating river
.              weeping rocks
.              moving, burning, glowing mountains
.              a shining face
.              recipients of God-carved stone

The dumb and deaf earth
Awoke and trembled
At the sanctuary that moved above it
A sanctuary that You dwelled within.

Make my heart tremble at Your Holy presence today
Like the quaking ground under Jacob.


Go to Psalm 115

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