Psalm 70: Wanting to be Desperate

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Part of the periodic series, The Poetry Project.

Psalm 70


Wanting to be Desperate

I read the first line and I heard desperation.
I heard a heart bleed.
I heard a spirit that was crushed under the anvil we call life.
I heard something through the page,
that sounded like anquish mixed with fear.
It smelled like the borders of despair.
It sounded like a man with no resources,
with nothing in his hands or his pockets,
nothing in his experience or education,
nothing that was going to be of any use
in the misery and despair of his situation.
I read that first line and I heard desperation,
and then I saw my problem.
I heard no echo from the parched canyons of my heart.
There was silence.
There were no tears or concern.
There was no desperation and pleading.
There was no urge, no impulse to reach out for aid.
There was no sense that I needed to be rescued.
I wanted to read the second line.
I wanted to move on to the second verse.
But the Spirit had other plans,
…… “You don’t have any business going on to the next verse,
…….because I want to wreck you with verse one.
…….When will you be desperate for Me?
…….When will you be broken by your need to be rescued by Me?”

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