What Asaph Knew

Read Psalm 76

Asaph “is the name of three men in the Old Testament, of whom one is the reputed author of Psalms 50 and 73 through 83. He was one of David’s three chief musicians, the other two being Heman, and Ethan or Jeduthun, and we first hear of him when the ark was taken to Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 15:16-19).” *

*Orr, J., ed. (1999). In The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: 1915 edition. Ages Software.

                          What Asaph Knew

Asaph knew that the name of God was great in Israel.
He knew that Yahweh was resplendent and majestic.
Asaph knew that the warriors of Egypt were powerless
………as the towers of water came down upon them.
Asaph knew that it was wisdom to fear such a God as You
Asaph knew that You would judge the wicked and save the humble.
Asaph knew that even the wrath of men would be to the praise of God.
So Asaph invites us to worship and service of You
          because he knew You were worthy of all our praise.

Go to Psalm 77


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