Mentor Groups

Mentors MatterA MENTOR is someone who has been to where you want to go and knows some of the best routes to get there.

Think of a mentor as an Indian scout. He knows the country and terrain, brings back advanced reports on what is up ahead, and leaves all the decisions to you. The mentor doesn’t control you; he helps you reach your objective.

New Mentor Groups forming for the Fall of 2020:

REBEL ONE   Preachers in Training
( for men with teaching gifts )

What does it look like to preach the word of God in a COVID-19 shaped world? What are the changes that we need to make when the congregation is spread out in the room or watching online? How can we help one another figure out the contours of faithfulness to the text and communication in the new forms of our present experience? Join with us and become a part of a learning community designed to help us negotiate the future well.

Pastor Marty taught preaching at a Seminary in California for four years before planting a church planting church in the suburbs of Chicago that planted 7 churches in 9 years, grew to over 650 people and participated as an instructor in numerous preaching seminars in the Chicago area for over two decades. He also has experience in preaching “to a camera” in a multi-site church for four years.

Mentoring Group Forming Now for Fall 2023

Will meet: ?????? For information on future groups or consideration for an invitation to the REBEL ONE group and where our times will be, contact me through

REBEL TWO   Planting Pastors
( for pastors of churches who want to plant )

This group is to help pastors begin the process of thinking through how they can expand their church’s evangelistic footprint through church planting, multi-site options and preaching points.

For either group contact

REBEL THREE   Evangelizing Pastors
( for pastors who want to see their congregation take the gospel to the neighborhoods )

This group is for pastors who want to explore “INTENSELY LOCAL” ministry. For churches of any size, your church has 100 families or 200 families, or 600 families in regular attendance. How do you mobilize and train them to reach their 5 closest neighbors with the gospel? Come and find out.

Contracted Mentoring: Details coming soon.

Prenatal year contract:  $125/month (12 months)
    • Monthly Zoom Meeting,
    • Weekly check-up,
    • One on-site visit,
    • Access to over 2000 articles related to church planting and missional vision,
    • Password access to hundreds of files to stimulate your preaching,
    • 24/6 (nothing on Sunday) phone access,
    • Counsel for the moments of despair, loneliness and heartache
    • Marriage counseling if/when your marriage is attacked by the evil one.
    • Prayer from me and my network of prayer warriors every day.
      • Contact me at
Prenatal year/first year of growth contract:  $100/month (24 months)
    • All of the above for $300 less per year.
    • Plus a second on-site visit and consultation in your first year of growth.
      • Contact me at
Missional Ministry contract:  Still developing. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Mentor Groups

    1. REBEL ONE starts next Tuesday and will meet at the Libertyville Evangelical Free Church in Libertyville, IL.

      REBEL TWO will start in August (Lord willing) and is up for grabs as to where it will meet.

      I have a friend in northern IN who is willing to mentor church planters if you are looking for someone to bounce ideas off.


  1. Thank you for meeting with us today at Trinity even as you care for your mom who is sick. May God continually cover you and your family with his joy and celebration over your mom’s life of service to others in Christ. May God cover your family with traveling mercy to be with your mom.

    “Be verbal about the gospel… commit to share the gospel one to one… be the chaplain in your neighborhood… be intensely local as it is God who has determined the times set for you and the exact places where you should live…” were some of your teaching today to us. Thanks


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