If With the Poor and Rejected I Would Dwell

Read Psalm 41

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Fountain 5

Part of the Poetry Project
An attempt to write a “poetic reflection” on each of the psalms in the Psalter.
Don’t think of these as high art, (that won’t be hard);
but as one man’s attempt to be honest with the spirit contained in the psalm.

My own translation of Psalm 41:1-2

There is a blessedness to the one who regards the poor;
   and in the day of trouble, the LORD will deliver him.
The LORD will protect him and preserve his life,
.     he shall be called blessed in the land;
.     and he will not be surrendered to the desire of his enemies.

Psalm 41:1-2; cf. Matthew 5:7

If with the Poor and Rejected I Would Dwell

If with the poor and rejected I would dwell,
and with the forgotten and neglected mix,
O Lord, I will have become like You.
For I was poor and miserable too,
yet You came to rescue and dwell with me.

O how could I not come and follow You,
when I survey the cross upon which Your mercy hung,
to pay my debt and purchase my breath,
and call me to live for the helpless and poor.
Tis my duty, joy and crown to seek You and Your Kingdom.

So make me a champion of the despised and despondent,
the ones who are avoided and frequently scorned.
Make me a brother to the poor and the sorrowing,
a friend to the friendless, and a support to the tottering,
that the world might know that we are blessed to bless.

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