Extremity: A Meditation on Psalm 6

A Cry of Lament for the 6th Day of the Month

Read Psalm 6 first.
Vincent Van Gogh's Old Man in Sorrow
Vincent Van Gogh’s Old Man in Sorrow

(Part of the Poetry Project)
Suggested by Psalm 6


Is that what it takes?

Must we be driven to cliffs of sorrow
Sheer walls of rock climbing to sky
While troubles rise like a flood below us?
Is that what it takes?
When weariness and exhaustion
Dismay all our bones,
Troubles our sleep,
Soaks our pillows with salt,
And clouds our vision with grief.
Is that what it takes?
Does my heartache and pain,
     and sorrow, and grief, and regret,
     and remorse, and fear need to all join forces,
     and stalk my soul like an invading army so that 
My dreams at night and my waking thoughts
Are saturated with longing for rescue?
Is that what it takes Lord?
Is reviving-hope possible only at that price?
Is that what it takes for my heart to wake up from the dead?
Extremity, I will call you friend.
I will consider    you     all      joy,
If you will but deliver me to Him who is my only hope.

Go to Psalm 7.

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