When Joy Wants to Explode

Reading with the Pastor
1 Peter 3  and  Psalm 64-65


Read Psalm 65

Suggested by a Reading of Psalm 65
Meditating on Psalm 65 (esp. vs. 4)

In most places, the NASB and ESV translations are very similar, though the ESV is more readable. But in verse one of Psalm 65 there is a real difference that sent me back to the Hebrew to examine the translation.

NASB:  “There will be silence before You, and praise in Zion, O God;
ESV:     “Praise is due to you, O God, in Zion.”*

In the context of the whole psalm, there is an unquenchable spirit of joy that pervades its 13 verses. David is overwhelmed with the greatness of being chosen by God.

For me, because of the context and atmosphere of the psalm, the NASB makes more sense. In support, I quote Derek Kinder’s Tyndale Old Testament Commentary, vol. 14a, page 230: “It may sometimes be the height of worship, in other words, to fall silent before God in awe at His presence and in submission to His will.”

All of which led me to this reflection on the psalm and especially verse 4a.

When Joy Wants to Explode

Held back

Bundled up

Like a crowd waiting for the curtain to rise
.      on a favorite and much-loved artist
Joy LeapersWaiting to explode with
An overwhelming
.     overflowing
.     cascading
.     rising
.     expanding
.     crescendoing
.     heart-pounding
.     eruption of joy
Because You
.     “choose to bring us near”  

[Go to Psalm 66]
*  [There is a dispute over the meaning of the phrase (lit. “For You silence, praise God in Zion”) and how it should best be rendered. Adding to the confusion are some ancient versions (LXX and Syr) which repoint the MT for d-m-h.]

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