Less Even than My Enemies Thought I Was

Wednesday is for Prayer (Soul searching at 3:32 AM)

Van Gogh wheat field under a forboding sky
Van Gogh wheat field under a foreboding sky

Psalm 8:9

How Majestic is your name in all the earth!


Poems for Psalms
Suggested by Psalm 8

Even Less Than My Enemies Thought I Was

Your name    is holy
.                       is mighty
.                       is above all names
.                       is powerful
.                       is majestic.

Let my name decrease
Let all who                      knew me and all who
.                                         know me and all who think they
                                          know me,
.          forget me.

Let the record not record me
Let me slide into obscurity
Let me become      less than I ever was
.                                less even than my enemies ever thought I was
Let my grave be unmarked
Let my writings be unread
Let my recordings be unheard
Let my image be unseen
Let the road forget I passed
.           and even my shadow be removed

if only Your name would be seen
and Your way revealed
and Your love displayed as majestic in all the earth!
For You must increase, and I must decrease.
And my soul needs to be reminded of that fact


“O Lord of the Majestic Name, make my heart desire this above all its idols. Make me like John the Baptist. Give me one holy passion.”

Go to Psalm 9

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