Psalm 25 Reading with the Pastor

Reading with the Pastor
Proverbs 29, Hebrews 7, and Psalm 59  and Psalm 25

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Read Psalm 25

For your name’s sake, O Lord,
.       pardon my guilt, for it is great.    (Psalm 25:11)

An awareness of sin. When I am aware of my sin, when I know my sin is great, I am in a critical juncture. With awareness comes choice. Will I repent and forsake, asking for forgiveness and restoration or will I hide, ignore, and hold on to the sin crouching at my soul to devour me?

So much hinges on the consciousness of sin.

Without it, the heart stays . . .

  • independent,
  • self-satisfied,
  • self-righteous,
  • unappreciative, 
  • disconnected from God,
  • unenlightened to truth,
  • unaware of its need,
  • dispassionate about holiness.

But with an awareness of sin, the corruption that crouches to destroy us can be defeated by a God who is for us. I have to teach my soul to to remember this truth.

Turn, O God

Turn, O God.
Turn to me.
Guard my soul and deliver me.
I see my sin.
I see how I have loved it.
Teach me to hate it.
And help me to run from it
To You.

cf. verses 14, 20-22

Go to Psalm 26


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