Psalm 18 Light Piercing Darkness

We are still traveling in West Virginia and I have little time to write, but here is a brief meditation and prayer based on a portion of Psalm 18.

The Lord Praised for Giving Deliverance.

Read Psalm 18 (esp. 1-3, and 25-29)

An Offering for The Poetry Project

Our Stronghold in the Darkness

O LORD, my strength and rock,
My fortress and deliverer,
My God and refuge,
My shield and salvation,
What stronghold is better than You?
You are the One who is worthy of praise.
O Strong One,
Make me a deep well of kindness;
Make me an overflowing river of mercy to others.
Make me a gusher of smiles,
…… a living stream of life to the thirsty.
Make me a light to the hopeless,
.       and a healing balm to the broken.
Make me a finely sensitive detector
.       that my mouth would only speak good
.       to the hurting travelers on my path.
Make me a pillar of strength to the sorrowing.
Make me a support to the stumbling.
Make me a shepherd like You
.       that I might know You 
.       and Your kindness.
Illumine my darkness that I might be a light
……. calling Your people to glory.

Go to Psalm 19

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