I’m a Birther.

Morning Musings

Kierkegaard on Waking in HeavenI am a birther and I am looking forward to my third birth. So yes, my title was a little bit of a “click bait.” I’m not reflecting on politics. This has nothing to do with President Obama, or Ted Cruz or anything related to any controversy. It has to do with the wonder of the gospel and knowing that one day, I will see Jesus face to face. It has to do with knowing that I am destined for heaven because of what Jesus did for me on the cross.

I have had two birthdays. My first birth was the day my 23-year-old father and 18-year-old mother looked on my tiny frame and welcomed their first born son into the world. The second occured two and a half months shy of 19 years later when I was born again into the family of God.

In my first birth, I began to breathe air. In my second birth, I began to breathe the air of the gospel. One day I will breathe the air of heaven. Between my second and third “births” I just want to finish well the years that God might give me.

I want to live passionately for and like Jesus. Pray for me and all pastors, and for yourself if Jesus is your Savior, that you and I and every preacher of the gospel would finish well “the race that is set before us” (cf. Hebrews 12:1-12).

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